About Heike Young

I’m a writer, editor, marketer, and aspiring health expert based in Los Angeles (specifically Culver City; formerly of Indianapolis). My name is pronounced like Micah with an H.

My Work

I work as Global Content Lead on the Content & Engagement team at Salesforce. I've been with Salesforce for two years and counting.

The best part about my job in content marketing is discovering, researching, and executing creative ways to communicate across digital media.

Previously, I was Project Editor of the bestselling "For Dummies" books. I also worked at BLASTmedia, a digital marketing agency, as a manager of social media accounts and content marketing.

Here's a glimpse at what I've been working on for the past five years (you can also take a look at my portfolio):

  • Writing research reports, e-books, video scripts, infographic content, and blog posts for Salesforce
  • Interviewing authors and business executives for print and video
  • Editing "For Dummies" book titles for voice, tone, and overall content
  • Competitive research for Dummies books
  • Managing corporate blogs and social media strategy for international brands
  • Overseeing creative assets for you-name-it: YouTube pre-roll ads, email marketing, Instagram campaigns, data sheets, and more

Outside of Work

When we're not heads-down over our laptops, I like riding a motorcycle with my husband around the beautiful state of California. I'm a big fan of traveling and lifting weights.

A little more trivia:

  • Favorite food: Pad kee mao... or really any Thai food.
  • Favorite movie: Mary Poppins
  • Favorite vacation spots: Rio de Janeiro (where my now-husband proposed) and Punta Cana (where we went on our first date). We like sunshine.
  • Favorite book: Jude the Obscure 
  • Mobile device: iPhone 6
  • Hidden talent: I can touch my elbows behind my back.
  • College major: English Literature
  • Conversational in: German, Spanish, and Portuguese

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